The Korean Society of Allergology was founded in 1972 and has been publishing its quarterly official journal, Korean Journal of Allergy since 1981. The Korean Society of Allergology hods two annual congresses each year.

The autumn congress is mostly devoted to clinical aspects of allergy and clinical immunology, and attendance at the latest one was close to 300 people. The spring congress has be the main one, and deals with clinical as well as basic aspects of allergy and clinical immunology attended by more than 400 people. Each congress normally lasts two days.

Since 1994, the President of the spring and autumn congresses was Prof. Y. Y. Kim in Seoul National University. Every year, several foreign speakers are invited to give special or educational lectures.

On 11-14, June this year West Pacific Allergy meeting and Korean-Japan Joint Allergy meeting will be held in Seoul. Many world-wide distinguished professors will visit Seoul. We are preparing to make a memorable and fruitable meeting for clinicians and scientists.

In addition to these large congresses, there have been many meetings related to allergy and asthma in various areas of Korea which promote the understanding of allergy not only for specialists, physicians and scientists but also for patients, patient's families, and the general public.

The several special study group has started five years ago, especially in epidemiology and occupational asthma fields. The Korean board of Internal Medicine has decided to recognize allergy and clinical immunology as a subspecialty board. Consequently, the field of allergy is expected to expand further.