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Volume 11(1); January 2021
It's time for an evolution
Pawankar R.
Current Review
Gyeonggi-do Atopy · Asthma Education Information Center in Korea: a key partner in the Korean Asthma Allergy Program
Chang YS.
Original Articles
Stepping down therapy for well-controlled mild asthma: an experience from University Medical Center at Ho Chi Minh City
Lam NH, Nam NT, Vu LT, Vinh NN, Tuyet-Lan LT.
Development of a prediction model for infants at high risk of food allergy
Sugiura S, Hiramitsu Y, Futamura M, Kamioka N, Yamaguchi C, Umemura H, Ito K, Camargo CA.
Outcome of drug provocation testing in children with suspected beta-lactam hypersensitivity
Goh SH, Chong KW, Chiang WC, Goh A, Loh W.
Predictors of serious outcomes among patients with anaphylaxis seen in the Philippine National Tertiary Hospital
Tan-Lim CS, Castor MA, Recto MS, Casis-Hao RJ, Nano AL.
Hypothesis & Experience
TSLP production in DN32.D3 iNKT cell line and primary mouse liver iNKT cells
Choi JP, Woo YD, Losol P, Kim SH, Chang YS.
Treatment with lipid transfer protein sublingual immunotherapy: slowing down new sensitizations
García-Gutiérrez I, Medellín DR, Noguerado-Mellado B, Lillo Ordoñez MC, Abreu MG, Nogales LJ, Rojas-Pérez-Ezquerra P.
Educational & Teaching Material
Hong Kong Anaphylaxis Consortium Consensus Statements on prescription of adrenaline autoinjectors in the acute care setting
Li PH, Chua GT, Leung AS, Chan YC, Chan KK, Cheung KH, Chong PC, Ho PP, Kwan MY, Lai JC, Lam KK, Lam TS, Leung TF, Li TY, Duque JS, So JL, Wan KA, Wong HC, Wu AY, Lee TH, Ho MH, Siu AY.
Case Reports
A pediatric case of food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis due to rice bran
Haneda Y, Kadowaki S, Furui M, Taketani T.
Home-based, slow up-dosing oral immunotherapy for hen's egg allergy in an adult patient
Horino S, Uneoka K, Nihei M, Aki H, Miura K.
Primary immunodeficiency from B-cell defect: A case series of 6 patients seen in a national tertiary hospital in the Philippines
Tan-Lim CS, Castor MA.


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