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Volume 10(3); July 2020
COVID-19 and allergy
Chang YS.
Current Review
Importance of microbial extracellular vesicle in the pathogenesis of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its diagnostic potential
Kim YY, Joh JS, Lee JY.
Original Articles
Natural history of asthma symptoms after epidemic thunderstorm asthma: a 3-year longitudinal study
Foo CT, Fernando S, Cohen N, Adabi G, Lim CM, Young AC, Thien F.
Wheeze sound characteristics are associated with nighttime sleep disturbances in younger children
Habukawa C, Ohgami N, Matsumoto N, Hashino K, Asai K, Sato T, Murakami K.
Tolerability to paracetamol and preferential COX-2 inhibitors in patients with cross-reactive nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs hypersensitivity
Terzioğlu K, Sancar Ö, Ekerbiçer HÇ, Öztürk RT, Epöztürk K.
Residents and interns in the 3 university hospitals: their knowledge of and attitudes to drug allergy
Gökmirza Özdemir P, Kızılca Ö, Aylanç H, Çelik V, Beken B, Akbulut SD, Yazıcıoğlu M, Süt N.
Utility of an educational video on epinephrine prefilled syringe usage for anaphylaxis: a randomized control trial
Yuenyongviwat A, Wirodwanich T, Jessadapakorn W, Sangsupawanich P.
Hypothesis & Experience
IgE recognition profile of aeroallergen components in young children sensitized to dogs
Lee J, Jeong K, Jeon SA, Lee S.
Educational & Teaching Material
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis misdiagnosed as recurrent pneumonia
Jiang N, Xiang L.
Case Reports
Pediatric patient with eosinophilic esophagitis and pollen-food allergy syndrome
Irahara M, Nomura I, Takeuchi I, Yamamoto-Hanada K, Shimizu H, Fukuie T, Yoshioka T, Arai K, Ohya Y.
Hypereosinophilic syndrome with abundant Charcot-Leyden crystals in spleen and lymph nodes
Takeda M, Ueki S, Yamamoto Y, Nara M, Fukuchi M, Nakayama K, Omori Y, Takahashi N, Hirokawa M.


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