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Volume 10(2); April 2020
Asia Pacific Association of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology and Workshop on Eosinophils in Allergy and Related Diseases Pawankar R, Nagata M. apallergy.2020.10.e23
Preface to the Proceedings of the 33rd Workshop on Eosinophils in Allergy and Related Diseases 2019 (WEA 2019) Nagase H. apallergy.2020.10.e22
Current Review
Mechanisms of eosinophilic inflammation Nagata M, Nakagome K, Soma T. apallergy.2020.10.e14
Original Articles
Relationship between airway inflammation and airflow limitation in elderly asthmatics Soma T, Uchida Y, Hoshino Y, Katayama K, Kobayashi T, Nakagome K, Nagata M. apallergy.2020.10.e17
Effects of β2-adrenergic agonists on house dust mite-induced adhesion, superoxide anion generation, and degranulation of human eosinophils Ueda Y, Nakagome K, Kobayashi T, Noguchi T, Soma T, Ohashi-Doi K, Tokuyama K, Nagata M. apallergy.2020.10.e15
Clinical and endoscopic characteristics of eosinophilic esophagitis in Japan: a case-control study Imamura K, Haruma K, Matsumoto H, Maruyama Y, Ayaki M, Tazaki S, Hisamoto N, Manabe N, Kamada T, Kawamoto H. apallergy.2020.10.e16
Relationship between changes in the 7-day urticaria activity score after treatment with omalizumab and the responsiveness of basophils to FcεRI stimulation in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria Endo T, Toyoshima S, Hayama K, Tagui M, Niwa Y, Ito M, Terui T, Okayama Y. apallergy.2020.10.e12
Activation of inflammation and resolution pathways of lipid mediators in synovial fluid from patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis compared with severe osteoarthritis Sano Y, Toyoshima S, Miki Y, Taketomi Y, Ito M, Lee H, Saito S, Murakami M, Okayama Y. apallergy.2020.10.e21
DsRNA induction of microRNA-155 disrupt tight junction barrier by modulating claudins Hiranuma H, Gon Y, Maruoka S, Kozu Y, Yamada S, Fukuda A, Kurosawa Y, Tetsuo S, Nakagawa Y, Mizumura K. apallergy.2020.10.e20
Hypothesis & Experience
Suppressive effect of environmental tobacco smoke on murine Th2 cell-mediated nasal eosinophilic inflammation Nishimura T, Kaminuma O, Saeki M, Kitamura N, Mori A, Hiroi T. apallergy.2020.10.e18
Educational & Teaching Material
Repetitive instructions at short intervals contribute to the improvement of inhalation technique Baba R, Nakachi I, Masaki K, Amagai T, Ohno R, Takaoka H, Kamo T, Arai D, Takahashi H, Shinoda H, Fukunaga K. apallergy.2020.10.e19
Case Report
Three cases of severe adolescent asthma treated with mepolizumab: lung function trajectories Hoshi M, Matsunaga M, Nogami K, Hamada K, Kobori T, Kainuma K, Nagao M, Fujisawa T. apallergy.2020.10.e13


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