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Volume 8(2); April 2018
Spring and allergy
Chang YS.
Current Review
Novel strategies in immunotherapy for allergic diseases
Rajakulendran M, Tham EH, Soh JY, Van Bever H.
Original Articles
Shellfish/crustacean oral allergy syndrome among national service pre-enlistees in Singapore
Thong BY, Arulanandam S, Tan SC, Tan TC, Chan GY, Tan JW, Yeow MC, Tang CY, Hou J, Leong KP.
Self-reported prevalence of clinical features of allergy to nuts and seeds, and seafood in university students
Domínguez-García MV, Flores-Merino MV, Puente-Fernández C, Morales-Romero J, Bedolla-Barajas M.
Skin prick test reactivity to aeroallergens in adult allergy clinic in Thailand: a 12-year retrospective study
Oncham S, Udomsubpayakul U, Laisuan W.
Prevalence of β2-agonist inhalation for outpatients in a pediatric emergency center during enterovirus D68 epidemic
Zaitsu M, Mizoguchi T, Matsuo M, Takayanagi T, Shimada O, Baba T.
Venom allergy, risk factors for systemic reactions and the knowledge levels among Turkish beekeepers
Ediger D, Terzioglu K, Ozturk RT.
Hypothesis & Experience
Histologic improvement after 6 weeks of dietary elimination for eosinophilic esophagitis may be insufficient to determine efficacy
Philpott H, Dellon E.
Educational & Teaching Material
Oral food challenges: result of a 16-year experience at a major teaching hospital in Thailand
Srisuwatchari W, Vichyanond P.
Case Report
An unusual case of infant seizures with anaphylaxis to wheat
Chong KW, Ling S, Loh W.
Erratum: Correction of Figure 1: The asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap syndrome in tertiary care setting Thailand
Kawamatawong T, Charoenniwassakul S, Rerkpattanapipat T.


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